How To Send A Case

Accurate working models and a thin centric wax bite are required. Please pour working models in orthodontic stone or plaster. Check impressions for any "pulling in" of the alginate material away from the impression trays to help eliminate model shrinkage and distortion. For accurate working models, all impressions should be poured as soon as possible.    

Delivery Times

Ortholine normal scheduling is only 1 day (!) in Lab. To be sure your appliances are delivered promptly, please utilize the "date wanted" box on all your prescription forms. It is important to allow 2 days shipping each way when scheduling your cases. Same day service is available on most appliances upon request.     

Shipping & Handling

To avoid damage, we recommend that each model is wrapped individually. All models should be marked with both the patient and doctor's name for proper identification.

Lead Times

A due date is required for each prescription. This date should be one day prior to the actual appointment date. We appreciate advance notice for all rush cases and add no surcharge except for overnight delivery, if required.
Lead times may vary based on fluctuations in volume. We will contact you if we are ever unable to meet your requested due date. Contact Laboratory Customer Service for all special arrangements. All lead times are quoted as business days in the laboratory.

Appliance Protection Program

Ortholine understands that appliances may be lost or destroyed through the course of treatment. This obviously creates extra expense for your patient. That's why we created our Appliance Protection Program as a type of appliance insurance. This program may also be an asset in furthering the growth of your practice. Contact Laboratory Customer Service for more information.

Technical Assistance

Ortholine staff is always to your service! Feel free to call our number +972 09 8355511 or Mobille phone number + 972 503 417741, for assistance on appliance designs and appliance adjustments.